West Mayfield Recording Project


In coming weeks, Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh will be working with West Mayfield Borough, PA to preserve the stories of resident veterans from all branches of service and eras, especially WW II veterans.

This November, the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Transmedia Oral History Initiative, in partnership with Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum, launches its first community-based oral history recording project in Beaver County.  The project is inspired by Veterans Day and the National Day of Listening—November 23, 2012.  West Mayfield veterans will have their stories permanently archived at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum.

“We want to honor and thank local veterans for their service by giving them a chance to tell their stories, in their own words,” said Kevin Farkas, co-founder of the educational nonprofit organization. “All veterans have remarkable stories of patriotism, sacrifice, and bravery. They also have incredible stories of fear and loneliness, confusion, boredom, mundane duties, life-long friendships, humor, and exotic travel. To fully understand and appreciate veterans’ experiences, we need to hear these stories.”

“Capturing the voices of The Greatest Generation is a priority,” said Farkas, himself a Navy veteran.  “It’s estimated that nationally we lose over a thousand WW II era veterans every day.  Unfortunately, most of these veterans will pass on before their stories can be preserved. When a veteran dies we’ve lost an important eye witness to history—a local and national treasure.  I wish more people understood the importance of preserving these stories while we still can,” said Farkas.

West Mayfield veterans (or family and friends of veterans) can get more information and request an interview by going to the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh website (www.VeteranVoicesofPittsburgh.com) or by calling calling 412-423-8034.

There is no cost to any veteran.  WW II veterans will have priority scheduling.  Interviews will be held in the West Mayfield Borough municipal building, 4609 West 8th Ave.