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  1. The Village That Cried (Bonus Track Sampler)
  2. Chapter Seven Sampler


Proceeds help support Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh, in partnership with the Veterans Breakfast Club.


Interspersed with the author’s comments and historical data, this four volume audiobook recreates a vivid picture of the WWII era, including oral histories garnered through a host of interviews from the author’s historic hometown of Connellsville and Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Volume 1

Vol 1 cover_crop & borderDuration:  01:04:49

Chapter 1 | A Sentimental Journey or Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!: Sets the stage for the WWII era.

Chapter 2 | A New Wave of Patriotism: Connellsville’s wartime Selective Service Office, Molinaro Band sets the patriotic tone, and the celebrated Connellsville Canteen.

Bonus Track | The Village That Cried: Dramatic special reading of the author’s account of the Freckleton Air Disaster.

Volume 2

Vol 2 cover_crop & borderDuration: 53:39

Chapter 3 (Mail Call and Memories): War-time letters, the 8th Army Air Force gets the job done, Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP Florence Shutsy-Reynolds, and Connellsville war hero John “Wally” Schroyer.

Chapter 4 (Oak Leaves Are for Valor): Segregation in the military and Connellsville’s Olympic champion John Y. Woodruff, Benjamin Franklin Lincoln’s dedication to a legacy, Connellsville artist Helen Alt helps capture a boatload of German spies, Fifth-Columnists (spies), and WWII posters.

Chapter 5 (United We Stand): Former Connellsville teacher Flying Tiger Merle Peck’s exciting story, and WWII home-front memories from Connellsville native Nancy Stafford.

Volume 3

Vol 3 cover__crop & borderDuration: 01:04:19

Chapter 6 | To Make a Difference: Connellsville watchmaker Daniel J. Ondrus, the G.I. Bill and the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, memories of Commander Virginia M. Eberharter (US Navy Nurse Corps and veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam), and Army Nurse Mimi Finnerty whose unit liberated the horrendous concentration camp Mauthausen.

Chapter 7 |The Blue Streak and a Different Kind of War: Connellsville Airport’s significant  WWII role, Sino-American Cooperative Organization coordinated by President Roosevelt and Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek for intelligence and guerilla operations against the Japanese in the China-Burma-India theater of WWII, and SACO ranger Guy Tressler’s thrilling accounts.

Volume 4

 Vol 4 cover_crop & borderDuration: 01:11:58

Chapter 8 | The Right Stuff: The narratives of brothers Robert and Wayne Martin of Dunbar knighted by the French Government for their conduct during WWII and decorated with the Légion d’Honneur.

Chapter 9 | Soldier of Peace: Fayette County’s George C. Marshall the first five-star general and author of the Marshall Plan for reconstructing war-torn Europe—to date, the only professional soldier to gain the honor of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Chapter 10 | The Village That Cried: A poignant episode experienced by the author’s father, John R. Hanlon, 8th Army Air Force, stationed at Base Air Depot #2, Warton, England, where, during a violent storm, a B-24 Liberator crashes in Freckleton, killing 38 children in the village school.

Chapter 11 | We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident: Closing sentiments.

author with athena awardConnellsville Hall of Famer Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln is a native of Southwestern Pennsylvania, where she taught high school French until 1985.  Already engaged in commercial writing, she extended her career to include both fiction and history.  In the tradition of a great Irish seanchaí (storyteller), O’Hanlon-Lincoln has been called by many a “state-of-the-heart writer.”

In 1987, at Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute, two of her screenplays made the “top twenty-five,” chosen from thousands of nationwide entries.  In 1994, she optioned one of those scripts to Kevin Costner.  Ceane has also had a poem published in Great Poems of Our Time.  Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award, “The Man Who Holds the Reins” appears in the fore of her Autumn Song anthology, a harmonious medley of short stories threaded and interwoven by their destiny themes and autumnal settings.

In 2004, Ceane won the prestigious Athena, an award presented to professional “women of spirit,” that symbolizes “career excellence and the light that emanates from the recipient.”   She also won a Special Recognition Award from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, followed by a Special Recognition Award from the Senate of Pennsylvania for her County Chronicles.  She has since won both awards a third time for the five-volume County Chronicles Series.

Ceane shares Tara, her century-old Victorian home, with her beloved husband Phillip and their champion Bombay cats, Black Jade and Black Jack O’Lantern.  Her hobbies include travel, nature walks, theatre, film, antiques, and reading everything she can on Pennsylvania, American, and Celtic history, legend and lore.


County Chronicles and other written works by Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln are available from the author by calling 724-626-1817, or from and Mechling Bookbindery ( |1-800-941-3735).

© 2014  A Sentimental Journey Audiobook: Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln/Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative.  All Rights Reserved.  © 2014 County Chronicles: Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln.

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The Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Audiobook Series announces the release of  A Sentimental Journey (or Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition), by Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln.  This four-volume story collection, recorded in Connellsville, PA, contains over four hours of readings by the award-winning author. Proceeds help support the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh oral history program.

This audiobook is produced Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh as part of its Veterans Audiobook Series.  Audio engineering and digital/CD design by Kevin Farkas.

The Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative is an educational media organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Its mission is to preserve and share the voices, images, and experiences of Pittsburgh area veterans of all branches of service and eras, including peace and war-time service.

Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh moves beyond the traditional oral history archive, because a story not told is a story not heard.  Veterans’ stories are shared using creative and interpretive techniques across different media, including audiographic, videographic, photographic, and literary genres.  Each medium allows for new and creative ways to tell veterans’ stories and to make them more accessible to diverse audiences.

The Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh was founded by Kevin Farkas in 2010.  Since 2012 it has worked in partnership with the nonprofit Veterans Breakfast Club (  Together the team has preserved more than 500 veterans’ stories and produced over 80 hours of audio and video stories available online.