In the House Where I Was Born


Through the impressionistic narration of an “unknown soldier”—a representational everyman—this radio drama pays homage to the common soldier and all who have died in military service. The show has been described as “a montage of memories—childhood homes, friends, family, war, death—that link the present with the past, the living with the dead, and form the cultural ties that bind communities together.”  Others have said that the play “conquers time and space with an ease and flair.”

Written and directed by WWI veteran Wyllis Cooper for ABC Radio, the original 30-minute broadcast aired live on Memorial Day 1949.  Our current production is a sound-stage adaptation that closely follows the original story and sound design.  An added scene updates the story to include the Korean and Vietnam Wars, with special reference to Pittsburgh and actual lines from our oral history archive.

Dylan Myers (Unknown Soldier) | Nancy Bach (Mother) | Elias Vila-Kubiak (Boy)
Claire Sabatine (Bride) | Ken Bolden (Brother/Father) | Jay Londino (Announcer)
Produced by Kevin Farkas | Directed by Dennis Schebetta
Musical Score Adaptation by Pat Blackburn | Script Adaptation & Audiography by Kevin Farkas

Special thanks to the University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts Department