Mists Over Appomattox


Honor Answering Honor


A Silent Witness

Mists Over Appomattox

In this second audiobook by Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln produced by the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative, the award-winning author reads two exciting, historically driven Civil War tales set in Appomattox, Virginia—site of General Lee’s surrender to the Union Army.  The two stories whisk audiences back in time to the sleepy village of Appomattox Court House, Virginia, where the long and bloody American Civil War came to an honorable–poignant–end.

Honor Answering Honor

“Honor Answering Honor” places listeners in the parlor of the McLean house, a private residence within the village, where the historic meeting between the two opposing commanders, Northern General Ulysses S. Grant and Southern General Robert E. Lee, unfolded, and the surrender was signed. Author Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln’s brilliant word-painting, crafted from eyewitness accounts, allows listeners to experience the most dramatic event in American history through the eyes of a young time-traveler, whose sensitivity as a budding artist is refined at the story’s dramatic conclusion.

The Silent Witness

The actual “Silent Witness” to the surrender in the McLean’s parlor was a rag doll, remembered by McLean descendants as “… lovingly handmade by a doting mother,” that belonged to Wilmer and Virginia McLean’s youngest daughter, Lula. Hurried off to a neighbor’s during the surrender meeting, little Lula left her favorite toy on the parlor sofa.  She would never see her dolly again.  When the meeting ended and General Grant departed, a few of his younger officers spied the doll and began tossing it from one to the other, calling it the “Silent Witness.”  The doll was taken from the McLean property by Captain Thomas W.C. Moore to his home on Long Island, New York, where she remained a treasured trophy for 128 years.  In December 1992, this tiny prisoner of war returned to the McLean house, donated to the Appomattox Court House National Park, where she is on permanent display.  If that doll could talk– what a story she could tell!

In Mists over Appomattox, the “Silent Witness” does talk– and what a story does she tell!

author with athena awardConnellsville Hall of Famer Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln is a native of Southwestern Pennsylvania, where she taught high school French until 1985.  Already engaged in commercial writing, she extended her career to include both fiction and history.  In the tradition of a great Irish seanchaí (storyteller), O’Hanlon-Lincoln has been called by many a “state-of-the-heart writer.”

In 1987, at Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute, two of her screenplays made the “top twenty-five,” chosen from thousands of nationwide entries.  In 1994, she optioned one of those scripts to Kevin Costner.  Ceane has also had a poem published in Great Poems of Our Time.  Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award, “The Man Who Holds the Reins” appears in the fore of her Autumn Song anthology, a harmonious medley of short stories threaded and interwoven by their destiny themes and autumnal settings.

In 2004, Ceane won the prestigious Athena, an award presented to professional “women of spirit,” that symbolizes “career excellence and the light that emanates from the recipient.”   She also won a Special Recognition Award from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, followed by a Special Recognition Award from the Senate of Pennsylvania for her County Chronicles.  She has since won both awards a third time for the five-volume County Chronicles Series.

Ceane shares Tara, her century-old Victorian home, with her beloved husband Phillip and their champion Bombay cats, Black Jade and Black Jack O’Lantern.  Her hobbies include travel, nature walks, theater, film, antiques, and reading everything she can on Pennsylvania, American, and Celtic history, legend and lore.

County Chronicles, A Sentimental Journey or Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition,  and other works by the author are available by calling 724-626-1817.

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VVOP Logo_2014_v5This audiobook is produced Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh as part of its Veterans Audiobook Series.  Audio engineering and digital/CD design by Kevin Farkas.

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