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holocaust-train-2-665x385Jacqueline Winowich: Cries


Jacqueline Winowich (now of Allison Park, Pennsylvania)  was a young girl when Germany invaded France.  Her father joined the Resistance and the entire family aided the Allies as much as they could.  Like too many children across Europe, Jacqueline witnessed the confusion, helplessness, and horrors of war—her innocent childhood deeply affected by unforgettable acts of inhumanity.  After all these years, these shocking memories remain, as when during a visit to her grandmother’s village she learned that local Jews were being rounded up and shipped away from a nearby railway station.  To this day she can still hear their plaintiff cries drifting up from the train depot and echoing across the rooftops.


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Current news and topical discussions about The Veterans Breakfast Club and the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative.  Hosts: Kevin Farkas & Todd DePastino.  Featuring an interview with Chris Rolinson,  army veteran, author, documentarian, assistant professor of photojournalism at Point Park University, and long-time contributor to Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh.   


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