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Our mission is to capture, preserve, and share the voices, images, and experiences

of veterans with a Western Pennsylvania connection.


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Ron Worstell                                              Donald Myers                                             Art Graham                                              Harold Betters                Ray Amelio                                     Henry Hoffstot                                    Camdon Inks                                              Rosetta Burke             Clem Blazewick                Althea Skelton                                             Frank McCormick                                                    Tony Sercel                John Rapp                                                    Ralph Riter                                          Tom Jones                                                Harold Hall                                 Vittorio Zippi                Jack Morrow                                                  Bob Buckler                                               John Hawes                                             Manuel Carvahlo                                  Don Malone                                                Robert Harbula                              Jesse Ridgway                                            Gary Schisler                                           Joe Zimbicki                                  Ron Potter                                                 Bill Silver                                      Sam Cammarata                Alex Yawro                                         Guy Prestia                 George Metz                                            Bill and Jackie Winowich

Ron Worstell